Everyone needs a place to belong. Sunday School is that place! Worship services might seem a little impersonal to some people. Some like to blend into the larger crowd but others like to be in a smaller, more intimate group. Sunday School is that kind of place! Sunday School is a place where you can share your story and get to know others a little better. Sunday School is a different type of learning environment. Class members ask questions and give answers to others. The teacher facilitates the discussion. Class members check on the well-being of the other members. Classes organize their own fellowships and service projects.  Here at Salem, we have a class that fits you perfectly. You are enthusiastically invited to check out our Sunday School. Give us a try, we think you will be glad you did.




Teacher: Jamie McMahen

Drop your little one off in the nursery where we split our time playing learning from stories of the Bible. From newborn to age 2, we learn about God and how much He loves us.



Room 2

Teacher: Teena Brown

First of all: This class is a blessing to our soul! The children in this class have open and eager minds to learn what the Bible stands for and how to grow in God's Word. We love these children as our own and we develop a special friendship that will last forever! We strengthen their prayer walk with God and teach what God asks of all of us to become a child of His. We are helping build a solid and lasting foundation. 



Room 4

Teacher: Aaron and Kendra Marshall

Justin and Sarah Mitchell

This class offers a positive and uplifting experience for your pre-teen. We focus on Biblical instruction that is targeted toward age appropriate teaching. We are making friendships by discovering God's word together. We work hard to teach the Bible in ways that are relevant and fun for children. If your family is looking for a church just come a little early, we would love to have your children join our class.

Salem Baptist Church Sunday School


Room 204, Suggested Ages: 18-30

Teacher: Levi Ellison

Interested in understanding the Bible? This class centers on understanding and knowing God through the Scriptures. Come learn timeless truths that will affect the way you think, live, and interact in the world. This class will help you build a foundation that will prepare you for all of life and even eternity. 



Room 203, Adult Co-Ed: 45-65

Teacher: Robert Hutcheson

The Lamplighter Sunday School Class is a co-ed middle aged class of individuals with varied backgrounds. We engage with God and His word as a foundation to light the way for a life of faith in Jesus Christ. We apply how God's word affects our everyday life. We share our life lessons and experiences as they relate to scripture in expressions of humor, thankfulness, sadness, and blessings. We earnestly provide uplifting prayers for those in need, including impromptu prayers for immediate needs. The Lamplighters are a practical and spirit led multifaceted class. 

Salem Baptist Church Sunday School


Room 102, Suggested Co-Ed 65+

Teachers: Gerald Brewer, Bill Lawson

Leave the world outside and join a bible study group that encourages and equips seniors to continue being fruit bearing Christians.

Being used by God knows no age restrictions. Senior disciples should still bear good fruit. (John 15:5)



Room 6, Suggested Ages: 65+

Teacher: Aaron Eversull

The class is currently comprised of seven men, but they would love to have more! These men have a wealth of experiences to draw from and they are growing in their faith. This class uses “Explore the Bible” curriculum from Lifeway. “Explore the Bible” curriculum is designed to touch on every book of the Bible in a three-year period. God doesn't just want us to read His Word, He wants us to know it and live its truth. That's why “Explore the Bible” curriculum goes book by book through Scripture, framing every passage in its appropriate biblical and cultural context. The result is a framework for both knowing and living out God's Word in personal and transformative ways.



Room 1, Ages: 3-4

Teacher: Tammie Payne

Our class offers prayer time, Bible story time, and Bible story movies. We all have a great time together learning about God and how He wants us all to live our lives.

IMG_7925E (3).jpg


Room 3

Teacher: Elisabeth Boyd, Andrea Smith

Description coming soon.



Room 201

Teacher: Chamarie Spurgin

This class exists to help our youth learn and study about what God's Word tells us to do about life's struggles and the promises He makes if we are obedient to His Word.



Room 202, Suggested Ages: 30-45

Teacher: Randy Boyd

This class is established to encourage members in study, prayer, and fellowship. With discussion-oriented teaching. You will leave each class encouraged and challenged in your walk with Christ. It is a relaxed atmosphere where the bible is taught and life experiences are shared. We would love for you to come discover who we are and what we're about. 

Salem Baptist Church Sunday School


Room 101, Suggested Co-Ed 65+

Teacher: Jimmie Jones

Disciples 101 is a class made up of senior adults who enjoy studying God's word and understanding how we can apply it to our daily lives. Through prayer we support each other, our church and our community. We understand we need to connect on Sundays to Mondays as we go and witness to a culture much different than the one we grew up in.



Room 7, Suggested Ages: 65+

Teacher: Nan Gaddis


  • Grace in your Walk with Jesus

  • Joy with Inclusion in a Caring, Prayer-Oriented Sisterhood

  • Peace in the Understanding and Application of His Word

  • Love in Service to our Church, Community, Nation, and World

We laugh, cry, study, and pray together, and we are best friends forever! We welcome all who want to join us, offering our hearts and unquestioning Christian friendship.​